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Pros and Cons of Betting Tennis

When choosing tennis as a sport for betting, you need to understand all its pros and cons. Let’s have a closer look at benefits and disadvantages. This knowledge will help you to succeed when betting at

The Advantages of Tennis Bets

  • A large number of bets. Tennis has a minimal break between the seasons. Even if top-level players rest, then less well-known tennis players play for sure. In winter, tournaments are held in countries with a warm climate, in summer - in countries with a normal climate. Therefore, at any time in the line you can find many matches for forecasting.
  • A large number of markets. If in snooker or other less popular sports you can bet only on the winner and the total, then in tennis there are outcomes on games, accounts in sets, races up to a certain number of games, the number of innings will pass, etc.
  • There is no draw result. When betting on tennis you need to choose only one of two outcomes - P1 or P2.
  • High odds. Tennis margin in most BC is inferior to the same indicator for football, but remains at an acceptable level.
  • The presence of a large number of really working strategies.

Cons of Tennis Bets

The subjectivity of some factors. First of all, we are talking about psychology. If a tennis player has a bad day, he can lose even to a obviously weaker opponent. If in team sports other players can block the unsuccessful game of their partner, then this is not the case in tennis.

Injury leads to failure. If a player is injured and cannot continue the match, he will be considered a defeat.

Fixed games. Every year, in tennis, they discover a lot of contractual matches, especially for little-known tournaments. When analyzing tennis matches, you must carefully evaluate the following factors:

  • statistics of the last matches of tennis players and the level of their rivals - consider how important these matches were
  • statistics of the game on the surface (soil, grass or hard) - most players specialize in slow or fast players, and there are units of universal athletes
  • statistics of past matches with a future opponent
  • the history of performances at the tournament in past years - if last year the athlete went a long way, then he needs to protect points for the rating, so he will tune for each match
  • physical condition - injuries, fatigue, etc.
  • psychological state - motivation, change of trainer, news in personal life
  • position in the ranking.

To bet on tennis at the bookmakers, you must have your account. Initially log into your account at the bookmaker. In the line consisting of a large number of types of sports betting, find tennis. By going to this section, you will see a list of current tournaments. Use the filter to select the match that interests you. For a specific match, a list of the main outcomes will open: the winner, the main total, the main minus and plus odds. If you are interested in other outcomes, you can open additional markets.

By clicking on the coefficient you like, it is added to the bet coupon. In one coupon there can be only one outcome of one match. If you are interested in an order, then you can click Make a bet and enter the appropriate amount. For express, add bets for two or more matches to the coupon.