The Great Contribution of Switzerland into Olympic Sports

Switzerland is known as the country where each fourth citizen is a part of some sports organization. For people living in Switzerland going in for sports is a must that can be compared to having meals every day. It is not just an entertainment or a method to keep fit. They treat sports like their culture and this refers to people of all age groups.

It is by right may be called the most sporty nation who reached incredible heights in sports in general and made the significant contribution to the development of Olympic sports. There wasn’t a year when the representatives of Switzerland missed an opportunity to show perfect results at the Olympic Games. They took part in all competitions, except volleyball. Moreover, a lot of different European competitions are held in Switzerland.

What are the up-to-date achievements of Swiss in the Olympic Games?

It is not a secret that the traditional sport in Switzerland is all kinds of winter sports. However, over 300 medals were won by Swiss athletes in both the Summer and the Winter Olympic Games. There are no doubts that Swiss athletes are so successful. Years of hard work since the first Olympic Games have resulted to the fruitful achievements. Since 1923 physical education was of great importance in Switzerland. This was exactly the day when an agreement with the Swiss Olympic Committee was signed. The traditional disciplines were gymnastics, rowing and wrestling. Ice hockey, skiing, skating, biking and many other kinds of sports are practiced here. The list can be continued.

Moreover, not only representatives of strong sex had impressive sports achievements. Since 1900 women have competed in tennis, horse riding, golf, sailing and croquet.

Years 1928 and 1948 were especially important for Switzerland as it was the country where the Olympic Games were held.

Which sports clubs are taking an active part in the sports life of Switzerland?

Switzerland professional sport is supported by a number of sports clubs, among which there are such as:

  • The Schwingers Club, which was named after the style of folk wrestling Schwingen that is a national sport in Switzerland;
  • Tacoma Swiss Club, which appeared in 1958 in the result of the merger of two clubs: the Tacoma Swiss Rifle Club and the Tacoma Schwinger Club. A lot of sports events and youth programs are held here.

Switzerland is the dream destination of everyone who is fond of the Winter Olympic Games as well as the World Ski Championships.